About Me

Hi! I’m Will Carlson.Thanks for stopping by.


For me it started with 25 years of inactivity and gaining 35 lbs. I had no energy and had very little intrest in doing the things I use to love such as running.  Well things changed with a family intervention and knowing I was the last one in the room this wasn’t going to go well for me.

  Well as luck happened I was also a little league baseball coach and while coaching one day a 5 K.race was going by. One of the coaches noticed someone was walking and he said, ” that’s terrible if I couldn’t run the whole way I wouldn’t of entered the race”. Well  a challenge was born running a 5k race all the way how far is a 5K race anyway? Although my mind was thinking young man in high school my body was not feeling the same way and did not like my new running experience. 

  After a couple of months training I was able to finish my 5K race and once you run a 5K race there’s got to be more so I  started training for a 10k race, half marathon and then I think now I can finally finish my first marathon!  This was 77 marathons ago but wait there’s more!  

  I now train runners through Jeff Galloway and help others achieve their running goals. I have now been training Runners since 2005 I’m happy to say I’ve trained over 2,600 Runners and the best part is I’ve been there to help them achieve their goals. Nothing feels better than watching the runners cross the finish line knowing that you were part of their Running Journey!!

   Everyone has a purpose in life and there is a master plan! I think I figured mine out. Proud to be part of your running journeys!