How to Achieve Your Someday

  Did you say “someday” I want to run a marathon or half marathon?  It can be as easy as left foot right foot repeat! First thing head on to a running store to get fitted for the right shoes to start your running journey. Folks at running stores are runners and can help guide you to the shoes that will best give you the support you need to start running.

  Find a training program in your area if you can because running those long runs by yourself are not as much fun as running with a new group of running friends. About the friends thing when you train with a group it happens all the time these folks become most always life long friends. You share 15-26 weeks with them while training and get to know and share the journey together. If you can’t find a program by a good training book or e-coaching is available as well online.  

  I am a Program Director for Austin Galloway so I may be a bit bias on what kind of program to join. I’ve found Jeff Galloway’s run/walk method to work for all levels of fitness and running goals. When you take a walk break between running segments you can recover quicker, remain injury free plus function the rest of the day after running long. 

  The next thing you can do is pick a race and set a goal to finish!  Why just finish and not a time goal?   Your first race should be fun, relaxed, enjoyed, but if you need a goal I say set a goal to finish the race upright. There’s something about crossing that Finish Line  that tends to change folks lives forever!   

Next blogs coming your way best practices in training.




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